Believing in yourself…..

Is the biggest challenge you will ever face but its those who helped inspire us along the way that are the real champions at the end of the day.  When we are really down and ready to give up, one simple word of advice, or reinforcement, or heck even a smile or hug makes all the difference in the world. 

As I spent the past few weeks sole searching for like minded people, it got me thinking and digging deeper into the type of leadership I admire.  In order to truly believe in yourself requires inspirational leadership whereby:

1. You lead by example and by this I mean, you demonstrate your values not merely espouse them.

2. You empower others and by this I mean, you make it happen.

3. You enable others and by this I mean, you provide the resources (invest the dollars in training/development).

4. You are responsive and by this I mean, you deliver on your promise.



How to develop a confident attitude

Speaking from experience, our attitude is the driving force in everything we do yet we dedicate little to no effort to enhance it. Now I’m all for the power of positive thinking but when things turn pear shaped and life’s just not cutting us any slack, merely thinking positive thoughts is not going to bring about the confidence needed to reach our goals. So what the heck do you do? Challenge the status quo! If you find yourself continuously backing out of a goal due to lack of confidence, challenge the status quo.  Challenge your own beliefs in order to dispel and prove (to yourself if no-one else) that it is possible. Remember you need to experience it in order to believe it. Developing a confident attitude is all about experimenting. Give yourself a chance, have a crack….step outside your comfort zone by challenging the status quo in your professional or personal environment and watch your confidence grow.

To boosting your confidence and getting what you want out of life!

Do you know what you want?

Last week saw me fighting for yet another crack at a management role and the best excuse my boss could give me was that I didn’t know what I wanted!  Really I said?  Rather than just give me a down the line ‘no’ …not gonna happen, I copped a barrage of insults which no doubt made her feel better about herself.  The justifications went on and on about where she saw my career (which was in her favour and way off my aspirations which I made very clear early on in the game).  This was coming from someone who apparently was passionate about developing people……someone who inspired me with their speech of empowerment, trust and commitment to developing people.

I thought to myself here is someone in a leadership position with the ability to make a difference to my career yet her sole focus was on what’s best for her ONLY.  No negotiation….zero compromise.  Truly gut wrenching to be honest.  And we wonder why we have such a demotivated workforce.

Anyway, the moral of my story being….that which doesn’t kill us…only makes us stronger so don’t sit back and listen for others to tell you what you want.  Figure it out for yourself and stick to your guns.  If you cannot get someone to give you what you want……make it clear what you don’t want.  It will save you a lot of heartache down the track as you will quickly learn from their response whether you are being played or there is a glimmer of hope.






Ask and you shall receive

A couple of weeks ago I was quite distressed at the prospect of not being able to find a new home for my little family.  I was overwhelmed by yet another challenge life decided to throw my way.  On the one hand I was excited at the prospect of moving and on the other, the thought of having to pack and unpack our belongings as well as the financial stress of moving, sent my stress levels into overdrive.

So rather than worrying myself to death, I decided to throw a curve ball at the universe and asked for a nice home in a safe neighbourhood.  A week later the universe delivered just that!  And my gorgeous family pitched in financially. Don’t get me wrong, I had to do the work but in essence our new home came to me in the most unexpected way once I made it clear to the universe what I wanted.

The moral of my story being that sometimes I think we just need to ask and let the universe find the how.  Rather than putting limitations on an outcome due to our own beliefs, why not just ask and see if you receive.

Have a great week everyone!

To boosting your confidence and getting what you want out of life.

Bad manners….NO THANKS!

Embedding any change is not an easy task and this includes converting repeat offenders with appalling manners.  That is why I admire those leaders who sign up for the challenge and keep the momentum alive by demonstrating good behaviour and calling out those who step out of line, without compromising on the important values of respect and fairness.

Enough with the excuses of: I’m time poor, under pressure, under budget constraints, etc.  It’s like we are stuck in a time warp and somehow think we can justify poor behaviour/bad manners.   Sure I can accept that we’re not perfect.  We are human beings after all.  We have our bad days.  I know I do.  I can accept that we are unpredictable and our circumstances and/or environment have the potential to influence our behaviour.  However, this preconditioned belief that we are the product of our environment needs to stop BECAUSE we have a choice.  Some of us are more impulsive than others BUT there is no excuse for the repeat offenders!  Pulling out the power trip or just being down right rude, frankly won’t cut the mustard.  If you continuously demonstrate poor behaviour, you need to go back to basics and learn some good old fashioned manners.

That is why I am so grateful when I experience common courtesy of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and service with a smile.   It makes my day, it really does.

Now since espoused codes of conduct and ethical behaviour policies are not gaining any traction, perhaps the answer is going back to basics such as educating not only schools but organisations on grooming and deportment (to demonstrate and reinforce good manners) with an added element of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which in my mind is a prerequisite to mastering one’s soft skills.  I think this might be my calling!

Do you experience poor behaviour/bad manners in your working environment?

Do you think organisations would benefit from some education on grooming & deportment as well as emotional intelligence?

Hope and gratitude

Hope and gratitude

A great way to boost your confidence is to channel your attitude towards a happy and peaceful place allowing you to refocus and stay positive.
This morning I stumbled across this picture my daughter took as we walked along the coastline of City Beach, WA. So peaceful and breathtaking. Truly something to be grateful for.
Today I am hopeful a great new home will manifest itself in the nick of time as I have to move homes.